Sample Agreement Templates

Agreements can be complicated and expensive to draft if you get legal people involved and if you dont quite know what you’re getting into it can be quite daunting too, our aim here at Astop is to make life as easy as we can for you, so what we’ve done is provided you with a range of templates that you can use to help you make an agreement with your landlord. ┬áThese are actual templates that we’ve used in the past.

1 Fee Agreement (Att1) with

2 an example quote in case we take over the space from 1 March 2015 (Att2); and

3 a choice between

(A) Tenancy at will (Att3A) or

(B) a Letting agreement (Att3B)

A fee agreement template will allow you to…
Fee Agreement Template
A payment schedule template will allow you to…
Payment Schedule Template
A tenancy at will template will allow you to…
Tenancy at Will Template
A letting agreement template will allow you to…
Letting Agreement Template

Sample Feature Page

This is s sample feature page from our live demo. You will notice that there are a lot more on our live demo, but they are all the exact same page, just with a different image and text. For size purpsoes, we only included a few of these, including this sample page.