Saving rates for landlords, making spaces for people
ASTOP is granted an 80% mandatory relief on our rates, with a potential for a further 20% discount at the local council’s discretion.

How Healthy Space works?

Landlords sponsor our charitable efforts and contribute to the partnership with 50% of the costs saved on rates. Social enterprises and charities are then chosen to use the spaces for community-related causes.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch; we work in partnership with landlords to make sure their unit or space is occupied by an organisation that supports the local community.

What is the benefit to participate in Healthy space?

Some particularly important benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted marketing for long-term tenant
  • Meeting CSR goals by supporting a charity easily and efficiently
  • Tax deductible payment

We can move out quickly when you find a long-term tenant (we’re usually out in 2 weeks or less)

What do we use spaces for?

  1. Books For Free centres that give books a new life with a new audience
  2. Stuff for Free centres that save items from landfill
  3. Hosting other grassroots and community causes

Case Study of Healthy Space:Street of Growth

A unit in the Swan centre was empty for over 3 years. In 2011 we worked with the landlord to transform it into a Books for Free centre. Not only was the unit attracting visitors, it also attracted the eye of a local businessman who decided to turn it into a cafe. We handed it back to a happy landlord after a very productive 8-month stay, during which time:

  • The landlord saved more than £33K
  • Books were saved from landfill and
  • Local residents were able to access free books
  • Our activity helped attract a long-term tenant