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ASTOP’s principal director, Shaylesh Patel and associates have been supporting and advising the charity sector, commercial landlords and CSR budget holders since 2007 with property, financial and other matters.

Initially inspired to leave a greener and healthier legacy for the next generation, Shaylesh Patel founded Healthy Planet in 2007.  Shaylesh and the ASTOP team has built a strong network of ethical players in the property and charity sectors. During his time at Healthy Planet and since becoming independent, in 2015, Shaylesh and the ASTOP network of good causes have managed 400+ sites, that were otherwise unused, for the benefit of both the landlord and the community through charitable activities.

ASTOP has helped develop, launch and advised on operating numerous initiatives including award winning and profile boosting social activities such as “Books for Free”; “Stuff for Free”; “The Fake Shop”; the “Conservation Community”; a Freecycle depot and numerous initiatives made possible through partnerships forged by ASTOP’s introductions.

For your first stop in getting better connected in an ethical way, please contact the principal director Shaylesh Patel for a no obligation conversation.