• Good Causes


Put succinctly, we help you find suitable empty premises for your needs to use rent-free, with business rates covered, using an easy to terminate tenancy/licence agreement. The landlord often pays your utilities as well.

ASTOP’s service and advice for good causes is free

The idea is simple, low risk, legal and proven. Charities and other good causes occupying otherwise empty commercial premises can legitimately help landlords reduce their business rates burden. This is a special rate only available to genuine charities and social causes using their commercial space. In addition to providing the space rent-free, ASTOP makes a charitable contribution equivalent to the charity’s liability for business rates. In this way the charity has the funds to use premises they could not otherwise afford. Equally, the landlord saves a net 50% and gains a swift-to-implement, no-notice tenancy. The charity commits to being able to dismantle the operation within days, should the landlord find a new tenant, or if the space is needed back for any reason. Everybody wins.