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Testimonials about ASTOP

The Global Educational Trust have a GET Free Books shop in Bishop Auckland and having visited the shop recently I was very impressed. Books are saved from landfill and offered free to customers, and customers in turn may bring in their unwanted books, in this way books are given a new lease of life benefitting the environment and at the same time promoting literacy. An innovative and worthwhile use of what was previously an empty shop, and a valuable contribution to the revitalisation of the town centre, this is an initiative I wholeheartedly support.

Helen Goodman MP


HRH Prince Charles’ Business in the Community charity runs a Business Connector programme, where employees and secondees to BitC, like myself from HMRC, build bridges between the community and business at a grassroots level.

My colleagues and I have found ASTOP’s social goal of transforming unused spaces for good causes to be easy to understand, explain and introduce to charities and landlords/agents alike.

The team’s enthusiasm is so infectious that I scout “To Let’ signs and now see opportunities that were blind to me before.

Thank you for your support to BitC and our commercial and social networks.

David Camm Business Connector Wembley | Business Connector Programme