• Landlords


Put succinctly, we offer your empty premises to a recognised and reputable good cause on a rent-free basis, using a legally binding rolling tenancy/licence to protect your interests. The resulting business rates reduction is shared between you, us and the good cause. The benefits of lower maintenance, CSR, and positive image of a going concern help to relet your property faster than if it had remained vacant.

50% + Ethical Empty Rates Reduction

The idea is simple, low risk, legal and proven. By occupying otherwise empty commercial premises, a charity can reduce your business rates burden by qualifying for, and paying, 20% of the normal empty business rates charge. This is a special rate only available to genuine charities and social causes using your space. In this way, the rate paying landlord’s net saving is at least 50% throughout the swift-to-implement, 1 month’s notice agreement. The charity commits to being able to dismantle the operation within days, should you find a new tenant, or if the space is needed back for any reason.