Working With Charities & Landlords In Hampshire

Given its South Coast location, Hampshire is home to a dynamic retail and commercial property sector. The county boasts several key economic hubs including the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth, both of which have, over the years, offered robust opportunities for businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence.

Southampton supports a thriving retail environment with extensive high street premises and Westquay Shopping Centre. Portsmouth shares similar advantages, with its maritime economy heavily supporting commercial activities. The Gunwharf Quays outlet centre is a notable retail destination offering luxury shopping experiences that draw both tourists and locals. Beyond retail, the commercial property market in Hampshire is enriched by business parks and office spaces. All this activity, however, does not guarantee 100% occupancy. Commercial property in the region is prone to empty periods as the economy fluctuates.

This is where ASTOP comes in. We make a difference in Hampshire by introducing local landlords to good causes and charities that can productively use retail space that otherwise would be unoccupied. This provides an ethical mechanism for business rate mitigation approved by the Local Government of Hampshire and its surrounding counties.

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